sábado, 13 de outubro de 2012

From Hell - A Postcard

Bouncing, bouncing...

The further I go, the harder I breathe through those flames..
I have been down for eternities losing my faith
Just bouncing from flame to flame.
Waving goodbye to that muscled man
Climbing up the hill praying sin-words to his huge
And eternal fire rock... he pretends to believe in mercy - but I don´t.

Oh yes, I've seen terrible things while bouncing.
Dogs with several heads and snake tails.
Blind women screaming chants of horror and pain
Through their throats infected with deadly poison.
The eyes jumping from their orbits licking everything around.

When dawns are about to rise and as I struggle
To fly in the land of open perceptions, I can still
Hear that sarcastic laughter of those little devils flying in that flaming red sky.
Some of them like to whisper dirty things in our ears - to burn our senses away
To burn our minds away, to make us wish for more sin as a thirst, as a curse.

Landscapes? Oh, there's a lake of fire I remember now
It burned my tongue when in despair I tried to drink from it's womb.
The rest of my dying speech could be explained by the force
Of my latest screaming thoughts for now I write.
What remained from the tongue... bounces.

After all it could be paradise, then I write in tiredness.
What worths your pain could never end mine, I'll take it as a blessing.
Will drag it out in the desolation land where I gladly
Stab former angel's wings, hoping to fly on them. 
Hoping for they to hold and don´t melt as I finally reach the sun.

Maria Fernandes

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  1. Dreamscape - dark, yet full of colour. A journey to freedom, when the quest is more rewarding than the goal. And there's me thinking your command of the English language was not enough to express your complex thoughts! You are full of surprises Maria. Pleasant surprises x