sexta-feira, 6 de julho de 2012

The Time of the Lie

Get myself rid of everything, even my Identity!
Undress me of Ideas, thoughts and conclusions.
Not having an opinion, not knowing, not rebelling!
Get myself rid of the two feet around me,
Pour me of Aura -to be no longer Me.
Waive all and any felling.
To stone, stone becoming to the most
Pale shadow of emotion, - let it be gone.

'Cause nothing I own, nor own myself nor
Allow the soul the dream of owning you.
Maybe, again, in another Land, with
Another time and other Salt, maybe then...
It doesn't matter wich role we have -
Only that we have one. One of the Eternals, now, if you please.
One with no expiration date, that never expires irrevocably.
One that writes me about Eros and caresses me untouched.
One that whispers me in the falling night and dandles.

From the cliff I cast away the Voice that in terraces
Frightened me and retracted me.
In the end nothing more recalls but the Time of the Lie.

Maria Fernandes

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