domingo, 13 de janeiro de 2013

Deadly Glorious

When there's serenity from within
Each breath become two.
Oh, wave me goodbye!
Allow this departure!
Can't stand no longer the wilderness
gazing of your exquisite soul in nobody's body.
Feels like old bruises regaining life colours
Thoughts and feelings dancing
On those electric fire wings,
My invisible hands touching you
Quietly surrendering in secret nights.
Frosty and starry nights in white silk
Formerly made of dark satin
Where I hover above myself
And gently struggle within
The wilderness of your
cotton-blue-violet aura.
Everything is universe and all's made of universes.
Lives within them deliver their elliptic route
Through many, many eras, intersecting and
Colliding together in the eternal cycle of cycles.
A sudden remembrance of falling brave waves
Back there in our dark beach where all stars were hidden.
Few words were pronounced, all sins confessed.
And still, wave me, yes! Wave me!
Allow for smiling tears to bath us in our defeated
Colliding wombs, melting in desires and poisoned fevers.
I wake up in white frosty mornings and feel
Invisible fingers of you touching me, seeing me. They know what I do.
They feel what I feel, we breathe at similar rhythms, pray the same words.
Come and lay down beside me, come and lay down and wave me.
Wave me in that last glimpse as I fall through the cliff of Us.
- in a Deadly Glorious way

Maria Fernandes

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