terça-feira, 20 de março de 2012

Pigeons & Seagulls

Pigeons and seagulls I see down this harbour
And they look all the same in all places, anyway.
There´s an old song running through this skin and
For that little wonder proceded from me
I send these tears and this joy.
I send visions of valleys and rivers
Where pigeons and seagulls fight for a toy.

Flying circles drawing in brown waters
Bridges from hills of salvation and
White houses in sands of pain.
Seagulls scream while pigeons, they wait.
No matter what the song is about
Their scream is always out loud.
You see, from this window I can still hear
Those ducks I haven't seen.
The ones who took away those illnesses and fevers
Where I was struggling to breathe.

Maria Fernandes

2 comentários:

  1. About Hope
    Dark crows again fly over the garden
    After long days and nights of struggle
    We then
    Feasted on their false defeat
    Dark wings returning
    Dark wings block the sun while rising
    Dark now are days and nights
    As dark were the days spent fighting dark wings
    Let`s all hope for the golden swan
    Let`s all long for his comeback
    For he`s gone
    Long time ago
    Pushed away by oblivion
    Unusefull days spend resisting the crows
    For now
    They again rule

    Nuno Drummond

  2. Lembro deste. Lembro que havia gostado muito. Obrigada pela leitura e pela partilha!! Beijos mil!! :))