domingo, 19 de agosto de 2012

Vertigo of your Femininity; Acute; Chronic and Galloping

Vertigo, wilderness of being, cliff of a stoned waterfall of beauty
From Polynesia to Caribbean, two Oceans in igneous atolls eyes in One
Maori of myself in the vertigo of the endlessness of you in the monstrous of inaccessible  
My boat travelled universes, the candour of the core of your plausible womb.

Ulysses hasn’t fell, to then find in the fountain, the sea maid’s chant
In the charm’s vertigo feeling around your aura like a mantle
Divine Exchange of the Ocean’s blue cobalt for your eyes’ jade turquoise
Angel’s Metamorphosis and its treatise, chapter one, your return and to feel loved

The beach waited for in you see herself and then whisper the sea to drop the bonds
Celebrating your soul’s vertigo, as large as Heaven the Earth, flying shiver
The Sun leans over the plankton of your hair and your skin watching your mouth outpouring honey

In war times, the oneiric flash of your voice talks about love communion and mercy
In the vertigo of your exuberance, ethereal monument to the tropics, exaltation of the heart
Igneous Diva, irascible genius,  disconcerting expressiveness ,  virgin vertigo.

Jorge Batista Figueiredo

Tradução do português: Maria Fernandes

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